Sunday, August 09, 2015

UPX: How to Reduce Executable Files Size

A Way of Using UPX  the Ultimate Packer for eXecutables

Using upx should be sufficient to reduce (compress) size of executable file.
  • Download and extract upx
  • Select the files you want to compress
  • Click [Start compression]

My example Firefox.exe down sized from 149.8KB to 138.3KB, 92.62% size remain.
These are common steps I found on the internet on how to compressed executable files.
A Simple Trick by Utilize strip.exe
Anyway, to conserve more space, big ratio of compression sound interesting. How to make bigger compression? I found another program/tools for compression: strip.exe is a common executable stripping at MSYS/MinGW. Simple issuing command line:
C:\>strip –strip-all Firefox.exe
The sample file compressed from ~ 153KB to ~ 57KB. We got 62% compress ratio. Much bigger than 1rst step above.
If you still want to make more compression, then do it with UPX.
The complete order of make extremelly compression are:
  • strip.exe
  • UPX
By following ordered step above, you can make more compression than what upx does.
Do it at your own risk and enjoy…..
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